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"I have been a part of Step UP New London, for a couple of years and even though I do not attend regularly, this organization has done a lot for our community as far as empowering parents to be advocates for all children in the school system as well as giving us the tools to do so. I have been able to be a part of many trainings and workshops that help me to expand my knowledge on how to be an advocate for our young people, much of what I would not have been able to do if Step UP New London was not around. This is an organization that cares about its community members, and as it continues to grow, I know it will continue to do many more inspiring things! This is definitely an organization that deserves to be backed so it can continue to empower and inspire its community.” 

Nicole Broadus, New London Public School's District Wellness Manager, Shiloh's Youth Choir Director, Advocate.


We are a grassroots organization looking to make significant strides in our community. To do this, we need support funding the great work we are doing. Money donated will go directly into our programs and organizing efforts. By donating, you will help the development of community leaders, especially leaders of color, who have the courage, integrity, analysis, and lived experience to create change in our community.

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