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Knowledge is Power. We offer various learning opportunities through workshops and community conversations- both in person and virtually. This is not an exhaustive list- we hold many different opportunities

throughout the year. 

Current Training Schedule

Understanding & Undoing Racism ®/ Community Organizing Workshop (Flyer)

July 22-24,2022 (Zoom)

Registration Due: Friday, July 8th, 2022

Description: This workshop is an intensive 2 1/2-day workshop designed to educate, challenge, and empower people to undo the racist structures that hinder effective social change.  The training is based on the premise that racism has been systematically constructed and that it can be undone when people understand where it comes from, how it functions, why it is perpetuated, and what we can do to dismantle it. This workshop is offered by the Peoples Institute for Survival and Beyond, a national, multiracial, anti-racist collective of veteran organizers and educators dedicated to building an effective movement for social change and are recognized as one of the most effective anti-racist training and organizing institutions in the nation.

Postponed until Further Notice!


Essentials of Local Advocacy

Confused about how to advocate in the public school system and city government- especially during budget season? Learn who is responsible for what and how to ensure maximum impact in your advocacy efforts. Through this workshop, you will become familiar with the current elected leadership of New London, current topics/pressing issues, and develop fundamental skills for effective testimonies and strategies.

Community Organizing 101

This series is for parents and allies to critically reflect on deep-rooted issues in our community and how to take action to make positive changes. Participants learn about systems of oppression (racism, sexism, homophobia, adultism, capitalism), their impact, and community-based solutions, while highlighting the organizing history of people and/or groups of color  at the forefront of movements

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Undoing Racism® Community Organizing

This is a 2 1/2 day intensive process that challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares us to be effective organizers for justice.

Financially Lit!

This introductory workshop series is designed for both parents and teens looking to take control of and increase their economic wealth. Learn how to understand finances, reduce bad debt, increase your cashflow, lower your taxes, how to plan for retirement, and more!


And More!

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