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Cynthia Ritchie- Superintendent 

New London Public Schools and Administration have been denying our students and families the Rights of Agency & Equitable Representation. These are some of the basic human rights as bodies of color and we are demanding change.

We are asking for a complete reconstruction of Central Office.

Our Removal Request

Cynthia Ritchie

Bob Stacy

Carrie Rivera

Kim Fentress

Robert Funk

Kate McCoy

Jennifer Hills- Papetti

Kate Feravanti

Margaret Bucuram

Maribel Olivero

Janet Farquhar 

Phil Orbe

Superintendent of Schools

Assistant Superintendent 

Assistant Director of BDJMS

Assistant Superintendent/ Magnet Pathways

Director OF Human Resources 

Supervisor of Programming Special Ed

Executive Director of Finance

Assistant Director of Arts (k-12)

Director of Bilingual Ed, ESOL, World Language 

Supervisor Bilingual, ESL, World Language 

Assistant Director of Mental Health (k-12)

Assistant Director of Athletic 

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